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Disclaimer: I always respect others intellectual property and I expect people to respect mine. Therefore, unless specific written agreement from me, please stick to the following licence.

« Community Flavor Pack » is refered as « the mod ».


  • No diffusion : you can’t take the mod content and redistribute it, even partially.

  • No Derivative Works : you can’t use the mod content to make your own variations. Unless it’s actually made to be published in the mod, in that case you’re welcome to join the development team.

  • No modification : you can’t make a modified version of the mod, excepted for your personnal usage or educative purpose (see below).

  • Non commercial : you can’t monetize any part of the mod.

Educative usage:

Feel free to open the mod files to educate yourself of course. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need assistance for your own project. I am always willing to help and record video tutorials.