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Bug report procedure

  1. Before reporting, the issue must be reproduced with CFP being the only mod in your playset.
  2. The issue happens again ? You can now Report it. Thank you.

Frequent issues

1. Playset incompatiblities

Several common issues should trigger your “mod incompatibility” warning light

  • I see a lot of people naked and/or bald and/or without headgear : Force re-install. If issues persist, you have a mod incompatibility.
  • There are missing CFP assets in the barbershop when you have several mods running.
  • Some vanilla or CFP systems are broken.
  • The more obvious the issue is, the more likely it’s an incompatibility

But, why ?

Unfortunately, the way the game is coded does not allow to append code (e.g. to change a very specific class or value), you have to overwrite actual game files entirely. If two mods change the same files, they will create incompatibilities. There is nothing that can be done excepted one thing : cooperation and compatibility patches between mods.