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How to make a good documented suggestion ?


The problem is not to find pictures, but to find pictures of a relevant asset. Say you have 20 different hats of the same culture over several pictures. It’s obivous one 3D artists is not able to make the 20 of them, especially out of a single 200x200 pixels image.


The key is to identify the most relevant assets. They are the most common over a long period of time and one can say they are representative of their culture and its fashion.


Once you have a name and time period (between 10th and 13th century is ideal), time to look for any source you can find.

  • Historians allow us to determine the geographical spread of the fashion, the materials used, the different variations, how things were actually used, etc.
  • Medieval sources (illuminations, lithograph and paints) are not very reallistic, but they are still very useful to soak up, to allow us to start to conceptualize the artistical representation we want to achieve.
  • Reproductions (when they did a proper historical research work) and archeological artifacts then allow us to aim for maximum realism, to grab images of a consistent reproduction of the asset, to grab patterns, very fine detail that will turn an artistical vision into an historically consitant and reallistic asset. Here, the higher the resolution the better.

Good documentation samples: