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Known (in)compatibilities

Modular compatibility

These mods work with CFP, and also without. CFP will enhance mod’s experience and reciprocally.

  • Better Barbershop [B] : new background images from CFP will be available in Fullscreen Barbershop.
  • The Catholic Trinity [B] : cardinal and popes outfits will apply to TCT systems. OUTDATED

[B] CFP must run before. [A] CFP must run after. [N] Load order does not matter.

Unmodular compatibility

You need a compatibility patch

CFP dependency

These mods require CFP to work

Known incompatibilities

These mods are known to break CFP

  • Vanilla Targaryens
  • Jewish Flavor
  • All Genes Unlocked - Ruler Designer
  • Immersive Duels List is currently outdated

More mods

You are a modder and want your mod listed here ? You are a player and want to bring some updated information ? Contact me.